Fate of the Furious

Working on Fate of the Furious was an exciting creative experience for me. There were a lot of opportunities to tackle different design and animation shot-specific challenges. We had a big crew of designers, animators, and compositors - much of the work that made it into the film is the culmination of different artists' contributions to different parts of design/animation process. This project ended up being one of my personal favorite feature film jobs so far.

Client: Universal Studios
Production Company: Cantina Creative
Visual Effects Supervisor: Tony Lupoi
Graphics Supervisor: Alan Torres
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Sean Cushing
Visual Effects Producer: Donna Cullen

Compositors: Aaaron Eaton, Matt Eaton, Julianne Dome, Stephen Gall, Robert Giles III, Jay Frunfeld, Jeffrey Oleny, Fernando Raigoza Jr., Brian Sales, Brian Yarnell

Designers: Carly Cerquone, Lynn Choi, Andrew Hawryluk, Nate Jess, Sang Kim, Shawn Lee, Nicolas Lopardo, Cisco Torres, Daniel Zhang