Curious Minds

Curious Minds is the YouTube channel where I post videos that are all co-written, co-directed, and co-produced with friend and collaborator Harrison Dreves. I do all of the storyboarding, design, and animation.

I'm passionate about making educational content, I believe that is one of the most valuable ways that motion design can effectively communicate positive messages that have the ability to make people better rounded, educated, and hopefully more optimistic citizens of the world. Part of the challenge in creating these videos is the amount of animation needed in a 3-4 minute piece that aims to communicate difficult scientific concepts to a mass audience. Keeping the attention of people that have a vast range of experience with the science topics at hand requires visual creativity. Finding a balance between too simple and too complex is a major key. When we started this channel in 2013, the desire to make these educational videos is what pushed me to learn how to animate. My career as a designer and animator blossomed from there. Our Dinosaur Pee video that explores the path our earth's water resources have taken throughout history got over 140,000 views on YouTube and was featured on a few different news sites like the Daily Mail. Check out our work below.